Resources General


Unofficial discussion pamphlet to accompany
     the video “Boundaries” by Cloud and Townsend.

Christian Basics

Short Studies on the basics for New Christians.
     For printing back to back.

FAITH a Bible Study

For printing back to back

Gifts of the Spirit study

     For printing back to back

Matters of Importance

Discussions on Guilt, Genetics, Abortion, Euthanasia,
Marriage and Divorce, Stress, Conflict, New Age. 

St Eugenes Hospital

 Accompanies the discussion above on Genetics.
     I wrote it in about 1997 before the Human Genome
     Project was completed.

Spirit Experience

Short discussion

THEMES in the Bible

Two A4 pages covering “Covenant” and “Kingdom of God”


Consenting Adults colour cover and contents

Consenting Adults Revised

An Adult Confirmation Course of 16 studies
     with an Anglican Perspective  (77 A4 pages). 


Conversations about The Mission

 This arose from my time as a Mission Archdeacon.
     A discussion pamphlet for back to back printing.

What Do You Say

A discussion pamphlet on sharing the gospel.
For back to back printing.

What Do You Say Leaders supplement

A couple of pages of brief apologetic answers.



SINGER; Euthanasia