Messages from Wollombi and the Central Coast.

Messages given mostly at Wyong or Wollombi Anglican Churches.

“John 6:27-35, 2 Cor 9:6-12 – Harvest Thanksgiving” [serm108b]

“Mark 8:31-38 – Mindset” [serm580 Lent 3 YrB]

“Mark 1: 9-12 and 1 Peter 3:18-22 – Crossing the Line” [serm1018 Lent 1 YrB]

“Mark 9:2-9: Appointed by God – The Transfiguration” [serm981 Transfiguration YrB]

“Mark 1:21-28: Authority Over Evil” [serm1017 Epiphany 4 YrB]

“John 1:43-51: Come and See” [serm1016 Epiphany 2 YrB]

“Genesis 2:15-17, 1:1-7: The Fall”

“Acts 2: Pentecost”

“Matthew 25:14-30: Talents”


“John 4:5-42: Well Evangelism”


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