Messages from 2017 onwards

“Moving On” [2 Kings 2:1-14]


“Facing Evil and Discouragement” [1 Kings 19:1-15]

“Who on Earth Wants to Know About The Trinity?”

“I Believe in the Holy Spirit” 

“The Humble King” [Luke 22:39-46]

“Beauty Costs” [John 12:1-8]

“The Lost Son” [Luke 15:11-32]

“Danger! Soft Edges!” [1 Cor 10:1-13]

“Promises promises” [Gen 15:1-12,17-18  Philippians 3:17-4:1]

“Temptations” [serm372 Luke 4:1-15]

“Building Wisely: With an introduction to Biblical Interpretation” [serm1046 Luke 6:39-49]

“Pentecost: The Spirit of God” [serm670b Acts 2]

“Road to Emmaus: Revelation meets Experience” [serm545 Luke 24:13-35]

“Self-denial” [serm337 Mark 8:31-38]

“Glory!” [serm464 Mark 9:2-9]

“Why Temptation?” [serm1040] Mark 1:12-13]

“A Giant Leap for Mankind. Christmas 2020”

“Hearing and Doing” [serm1028 Matt 7:21-28]

“Good Foundations” [serm1027 1Cor 3:10-17]

“Real Worship” [serm1026 Mtt 6:1-6, 16-18]

“Beatitudes for Australia Day” [serm1025 Mtt 5:1-12]

“The Servant” [serm152 Isa 49:1-7]

“My Son, My Servant” [ser1024 Isaiah 42:1-9]

“The Christmas Nobody” [serm612 Luke 2]

“Meaning for Life” [serm529 Luke 23:33-43, Colossians 1:9-20]

“Encountering Jesus” [serm929 John 5:1-15]

“All Saints” [serm749 Ephesians 1:11-23]

“How Good?” [serm748 Luke 18:15-30, 2 Timothy 4:6-8]

“Under New Orders” [serm1012 2 Timothy 2:1-15]

“Only Servants” [serm527 2 Timothy 1:1-14, Luke 17:5-10]

“First Things First” [serm644b Luke 16:1-13]

“Becoming Really Useful” [serm525 Luke 14:25-35]

“Kingdoms in Conflict” [serm641 Luke 13:10-17]

“Christianity: A Really Dangerous Idea.” [serm887 Luke 12:49-59]

“Faith” [serm744 Heb 11 Luke 12:32-40]

“Deceptive Philosophies” [serm967b Colossians 2:6-15]

“Praying in an age of instant gratification” [serm741b Colossians 1]

“Moving On” [serm517 2 Kings 2:1-14]

“Prophet on the Run” [serm939 1 Kings 19.1-15]

“Winds of Change” [serm849 Pentecost]

“The Difference Belief Makes” [serm736 Easter 2]

“Hope in the Face of Despair” [serm1021 Easter]

“Looking for Heroes” [serm1020 Palm Sunday, Philippians 2:5-11]

“On Falling Down” [serm730 Lent 3, 1 Cor 10:1-13]


“A Lesson in Humility” [serm638 Lent Matt 20:20-28]

“Tiny Provisions” [serm980 Harvest Psalm 139]

“Revenge, Judgement and Grace” [serm505 Gen 45:3-11 Luke 6:27-38]

“The Call” [serm1019 Isaiah 6:1-13 Luke 5:1-11]

“Power for the Plan” [serm367 Luke 4:14-21, Jesus in the Synagogue]

“Making Changes” [serm503b Luke 3:15-22, Baptism of Jesus]

“A Mystery Revealed” [serm792 Ephesians 3:1-12, Epiphany]

“Planning Ahead” [serm610 Luke 3:1-16, Advent 2]

“Who Are You Going to Serve?” [serm824 John 18:33-37, Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14, Christ the King]

“Once and For All” [serm718b Hebrews 9:23-28, Mark 12:38-44]

“Who do You Think You Are?” [serm716 Mark 10:35-45, Job 38:1-7, Pentecost 22]

“The Rich Man” [serm1000a Mark 10:17-31, Pentecost 21]

“Humility.” [serm999 Mark 9:30-37, Pentecost 18]


“Selective Hearing.” [serm602 Mark 8:27-38, Pentecost 17]

“What you believe and what you do.” [serm601 James 2:1-17 Mark 7:24-37, Pentecost 16]

“Armour of God” [serm915 Ephesians 6:10-23, Pentecost 14]

“Changing Your Attitude” [serm710 Ephesians 4:25-5:2, Pentecost 12]

“Aliens on Earth” [serm594 Ephesians 2:11-22, Pentecost 9]

“How Blessed Are We!” [serm707 Ephesians 1:1-14, Pentecost 8]

“There’s Strength in Weakness” [serm351b Pentecost 7]

“Giants, Storms and Suffering” [serm705 Pentecost 5]

“Who’s in Control Here?” [serm988 Pentecost 3]

“The Trinity” [serm347 Trinity]

“John 17:9-19, What Jesus Prayed For.” [serm212b Easter 7]

“Mark 16:1-8, Easter. The Evidence for Jesus Christ.” [serm986 Easter]

“Isaiah 50:4-9a, Mark 11:1-11. Humility” [serm584 Palm Sunday]

“John 6:27-35, 2 Cor 9:6-12 – Harvest Thanksgiving” [serm108b]

“Mark 8:31-38 – Mindset” [serm580 Lent 3 YrB]

“Mark 1: 9-12 and 1 Peter 3:18-22 – Crossing the Line” [serm1018 Lent 1 YrB]

“Mark 9:2-9: Appointed by God – The Transfiguration” [serm981 Transfiguration YrB]

“Mark 1:21-28: Authority Over Evil” [serm1017 Epiphany 4 YrB]

“John 1:43-51: Come and See” [serm1016 Epiphany 2 YrB]

“Genesis 2:15-17, 1:1-7: The Fall”

“Acts 2: Pentecost”

“Matthew 25:14-30: Talents”


“John 4:5-42: Well Evangelism”

4 thoughts on “Messages from 2017 onwards

  1. Hi John,
    We just wanted to say thank you for your great sermon on The Trinity. Your words helped us to see more clearly the roles of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    We always learn a lot from your sermons but this one really touched our hearts.
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I always find God speaks to me through your sermons John. Thank you so much for sharing
    You are in my prayers as you move forward without your precious wife beside you. Sometimes that loneliness can bring you even closer to the one who will always be by our side. I pray that is your experience.
    By the way, I hope you get a chance to Revist and the beautiful Wye Valley again!
    That area of England is still unspoilt and so picturesque. A photographer’s delight!
    God bless Jenny

    Liked by 1 person

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